Monday, June 3, 2013

The Venture Brothers Season 5 "What Color Is Your Cleansuit?" Review

"Venture Brothers": Season 5 "What Color Is Your Cleansuit?" 

     Fans of the "Venture Brothers" are patient. Each season of the show takes more than a year and a half to produce. Each season contains approximately 13 episodes. Most shows do not last the single season, let alone having a year and a half hiatus to produce a "mere" 13 episodes. So why do the fans of "Venture Brothers" stick around?

     First, if you have not seen an episode of the "Venture Brothers", let me explain it briefly, without necessarily being specific. The show is an interesting mix of "Johnny Quest", "Scooby Doo", "G.I. Joe", comic books, and every ounce of pop culture from the obvious (Spiderman/Batman) to the obscure (Art of Noise Even these examples show the range from visual mediums to books and music. And while the show that has such a large field of content to draw from would normally feel disjointed and out of place, somehow the magnificent team of Jackson Publick ("the Tick") and Doc Hammer (Weep manage to pull off some amazing television. What makes this even more amazing is the show's cast of characters who are important actually ranges in the double digits. Each character of the show is so outrageous and wonderful that they themselves could have their own show. To put it simply, you just have to watch "Venture Brothers" to appreciate it. If you watch several episodes and have not found a fondness for the contradictory characters who are both impossible and real, then you may have been living in a shell most of your life.

     And this is fairly amazing to note that while the show starts in its first season granting observers of the show an almost parody-like cast of characters in events which have become cliche and tropes, the show manages to keep you glued and concerned for the participants. While almost perfectly suited for the ADHD, Reddit posting, hot and cold audiences of the internets, it still pulls forth bits of knowledge from your childhood while keeping a solid history within the confines of the show itself. Nothing happens without reason, though that reason may be revealed down the road. It is true that some of the show's plots may feel somewhat ridiculous, as though the plans of the past didn't quite pull through, you can be assured that the events that will transpire will indeed lead to hearty chuckles and some level of "bad-assery." Each season, from 1 - 4, over the span of the past 9 years (10 if you count the original pilot's year of 2003), has managed to keep an every growing cast of lovable characters growing and engaging to the people who may have started out simply watching the show "because it was on." On a personal note, I knew I loved the show when I saw "Race Bannon" kicking what looked like a "Cobra" with a concealed shoe blade, a la James Bond. It was game over right then and there. "Tell Johnny...I love..." Do not get me wrong, a fan was made when Steve Summers and Sasquatch had their moment in the sun. Oh dear Lord you had me as a fan. Now that you know the general cluster of what it's like to watch "Venture Brothers," ensure you watch from the first season (now available on Netflix.) Trust me... the show contains plot twists and entertaining moments. Do not do yourself the injustice of skipping ahead and missing some of the best cliffhanger moments in television history.

     Season 5 aired tonight (June 3, 2013 at Midnight) and I must say it was everything you've come to expect from the "Venture Brothers". An hour long, we picked up right were we left off at the end of season 4. No time was wasted letting us know the priorities of the individuals involved, and we jumped right into the every day antics of the Venture associates. I will not include any spoilers here, so do not worry.

     The "Venture Brothers" Season 5 opening wasn't as epic as the Season 2 opening, but what is. What this episode of "Venture Brothers" seems to have done is lay the groundwork for possible future setups in some subtle ways. With the compound being cleaned up, we've seen some entertaining character developments for some of the characters. 21 and Dean in paticular seem to be turning over new leaves and certainly that niggling question of where it may lead remains. I heartily laughed during the fantasy scenes with Dean and the object of his affection. I laughed hard. The Sphinx crew takes hold of the circumstances surrounding the Hunter portion of Season 4, we see a possible emotional journey for Sgt. Hatred, and perhaps an interesting rekindling of sorts for Hank. A great many possibilities seem to be opening up for the future of the "Venture Brothers". And finally... Pete and Billy get an arch. BAM! Ok so MAYBE that's a spoiler... but you've been waiting for it anyway.
     Sure, this hour-long episode of the "Venture Brothers" may have lacked some of the traditional pizazz we've seen in previous episodes, it was still entertaining. Hosting a few special guest voices of Aziz Ansari, Gillian Jacobs (Community), and Wyatt Cenac (writer/comedian) made the show feel special and important. The setups felt natural and cathartic, evolving each character naturally into a possible chain of events that, hopefully, will yield some spectacular payouts. All in all, it was an exciting return of the Ventures. Moreso in what it may be than what it was.

     When all is said and done, we see the "Venture Brothers" egging us on through another 13 episodes. Another possible year and a half of waiting. Another portion of my life longing for something I love to return to me, bringing back with it the wonderful things I loved about it and the growth and change that makes it that much harder to let go. The only thing I felt that was missing from tonight's episode? SPOILER:                                      GO TEAM VENTURE! -Adam

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